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Low Poly Bust

Using Photogrammetry and Rhinoceros 3D, I created this low poly bust of myself. The model is composed of 511 triangles which were laser-cut and assembled into a life-sized statue. 


3D printing is considerably limited by scale as the extrusion deposition process requires the extruder to trace every X-Y-Z path in a given model which is extremly time intensive. Furthermore, most 3D prints are limited in size by the printers build platform, which is often less

than 10 inches. To produce larger models students in my advanced CAD class were asked to design low polys - 3D forms composed of relatively few flat geometries. The 3D forms could then be unfolded into flat polygons which were laser cut from a sheet of matboard and refolded into a physical model.

For this assignment I chose to create a low poly bust of myself. I used a smartphone to capture images of myself from many different angles and through the process of photogrammetry, intrepreted this spatial data into a 3D point cloud which I was able to refine into a 3D model. I used Rhinoceros for all modeling. The final model was over 500 polygons and took 8 hours to assemble.

peter nasielski

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