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Wool Lantern

 A showcase piece demonstrating sustainable reuse of waste byproducts from the New Zealand wool industry.

Wool Project_Image_06.jpg

During my time at David Trubridge Design we were invited to participate in the annual Idealog design challenge. Idealog asked us to reinvent an everyday object using merino wool noils to be featured in the magazine's Creativity issue. Our project shows how merino wool by-products can be re-purposed and used in a sustainable way.


Noils are the short merino fibres removed from the sliver process (a byproduct) that are often used as a blend component in the production of less expensive woolen fabrics, and for the manufacturing of non-woven felted products. This challenge to the New Zealand design community was intended to showcase this underutilised but emerging material.  Many industries now use this material including companies like Allbirds shoes, Icebreaker and New Zealand design magazine. 



The light is made from only natural materials: merino fibers, hemp fabric, and bamboo plywood. It is designed to be shipped flat packed and rolled into the 3D form by the consumer.


Wool Project_Image_04.jpg
Wool Project_Image_08.jpg

peter nasielski

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