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Sustainable redesign of an Iconic David Trubridge piece. Released at Milan Furniture Fair 2019 as part of the David Trubridge product line

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Awarded Best Design Award - 

Designers Institute of New Zealand

Exhibited at Milan Furniture Fair 2019

Big Wave install.jpg

David Trubridge Design released the Original 'Baskets of Knowledge' Collection in 2009. These pieces were based on a Māori creation myth and employed 3 different materials reflecting symbolic elements from the myth.


Following a pledge made by David to withdraw all plastic from the collection by 2020. We sought to redesign these iconic pieces using only sustainably harvested Norweigan birch veneer.

The new collection was dubbed 'The Baskets of Light' and debuted at Milan Furniture Expo 2019.


Each light of the trio was designed to complement the form of its sisters while simultaneously 

shining as a stand alone piece.

The design for Wave is the result of my own original concept 


I developed the concept for Wave through rapid prototyping with Rhinoceros 3D and paper models. The piece had to be modular in nature so products could be flat packed and assembled by the consumer.  

peter nasielski

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